What Are The Best Language Learning Apps?

There are apps can help you learn a new language faster and more easily. Even if you want to sharpen the skills of a language that you already know, these language learning apps will prove helpful. So whether you want to learn a new language to be able to communicate with people in their native language or simply to build your resume, these apps will help you reach your goal. You can use them to learn words in many different languages.

Best language learning apps

1. Duolingo

To get started with Duolingo, simply open the app and select the language you would like to learn. Duolingo uses text, images, and audio to guide through the new language. The goal is to associate the translation sound with the visuals of the pictures and texts, and then manually translate the sound back into your native language. Each section you complete will move you to more complex tasks, to enhance your sentence structure and vocabulary.

Works with: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Irish, Dutch, Swedish and Danish.

2. Memrise

Memrise is easy to use, supports offline use, and allow you learn several languages. Start off with simple lessons or move directly to advanced lessons. Memrise offers a unique way of learning words and phrases by putting words into sentences with similar sounding words from your native language. Sometimes you will also see multiple photos that overlay the foreign words with a familiar image for easy association.

Works With: Android, iOS

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Kanji, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Esperanto, Cantonese, Finnish, Icelandic and over 150 others.

3. busuu

The busuu app is easy and flexible to use. Simply choose the language you would want to learn and login. The next step is to decide whether to start with the basic level – beginner, or the most advanced level – upper intermediate. The app teaches words, phrases and vocabularies, both independently and in sentences, and then tests you as you move through the levels.

Works With: Android, iOS

Languages: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Polish

4. AccellaStudy Essential Apps

AccellaStudy has many different mobile apps depending upon the language you want to learn. Every app is easy to use and supports offline lessons. Different learning methods are included in such apps, like flash cards, spaced repetition, audio quizzes, and others. And if you want to learn while driving without looking at your device, opt for the hands-free mode.

Works With: iOS

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, German, Ukrainian, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Romanian.

5. 24/7 Tutor Apps

The 24/7 Tutor Apps provide you with a tutor at all times, right from your device. Several languages are supported with each language requiring a different app. There are buttons with each taking you to a set of topics, like clothing, entertainment, education, family, food, color, health, greetings, directions, weather, work, body and many others. Each category has tasks such as a study list, quiz, flashcards, memory game, and more.

Works With: iOS

Languages: Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Farsi, Hindi, Dutch, Norwegian, Tagalog, Turkish, Danish, Swedish and more.

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